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Energy Identification Code (EIC) 

The Energy Identification Coding scheme (EIC), standardized and maintained by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), provides a unique identification of the market participants and other entities active within the Energy Internal European Market (IEM). It is widely used in the Electronic Document Interchange.

The EIC Coding Scheme allocates a unique code to the following object types:

  • Parties – object type “X”, such as Balance Responsible Parties, System Operators, etc;
  • Areas – object type “Y”, Areas for inter System Operator data interchange;
  • Measuring Points – object type “Z”, Energy Metering points;
  • Resource objects – object type “W”, such as Production plants, consumption units, etc;
  • Tie-lines – object type “T”, International tie lines between areas;
  • Location – object type “V”, Physical or logical place where a party or IT system is located.

EIC codes are supplied and administered either by Local Issuing Offices (LIO) or by the Central Issuing Office (CIO).

Note: The EIC is only a coding scheme and it is not a right or authorization to trade energy.

For more information, please check the ENTSO-E EDI Library or contact the REN LIO at the address