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Transparency Templates

Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009 provides guidelines for the definition of the technical information necessary for users of natural gas infrastructures , more specifically transmission networks, storage infrastructures and LNG terminals. The guidelines must introduce transparency requirements which ensure effective access to natural gas infrastructures and provide a minimum guarantee of equitable market access conditions.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009, infrastructure operators shall provide all the information set out in Annex I to the Regulation as follows:

  • On a website accessible to the public, free of charge and without the requirement for registration or any other form of subscription to the transmission network operator;
  • Regularly or permanently; frequency shall depend on changes which occur and the duration of the service;
  • In a user-friendly manner;
  • In a clear, quantifiable and easily accessible manner and on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • In a downloadable format to enable quantitative analyses;
  • In coherent units, more specifically kWh (with a reference combustion temperature of 298.15 K) as the energy unit and m3 (at 273.15 K and 1.01325 bar) as the volume unit. The constant energy conversion factor shall also be supplied. In addition to these units, other units may be used in the publication;
  • In the official language(s) of the Member State and in English.

The implementation of the Transparency Templates is a European initiative, the main aim of which is to provide transparent information in a standardized and structured manner, respecting the diversity of market rules and regulatory systems. Infrastructure operators participate in this project on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the market and all its participants.

The Transparency Templates currently available are: