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Transmission Network
LNG Terminal
Underground Storage

Transparency Template - Underground Storage


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CONTACT Contact General Contacts

Commercial Contact
SERVICES & FACILITIES Technical Characteristics Facilities Technical Characteristics

System (SNGN) Description
Products & Services Services Offer
HOW TO BECOME A CUSTOMER How to Book Capacity Manual of Procedures
Contratc Information Contracts
TSO Information Transmission Network Operator
CAPACITIES Primary Market Manual of Procedures

Available Capacity

Booked Capacity
Secondary Market Manual of Procedures

Available Capacity

List of Players

IT Trading Platform
TARIFFS & PRICING Tariffs Tariffs
LEGAL DOCUMENTATION Legislation & Regulation Legislation

Subregulation & Codes Subregulation

Other Documentation
OPERATIONAL INFORMATION Operational Information Infrastructure Usage
Unnavailabilities Maintenance Plan

MISCELLANEOUS Projects Latest Projects