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Use of Infrastructure
Maintenance Plan

LNG Terminal

The LNG Reception, Storage and Regasification Terminal (TGNL) is located in Sines, on the Portuguese Atlantic Coast, 120 km south of Lisbon, and is part of the National Natural Gas System (SNGN). It is responsible for the reception, unloading and dispatching of methane tankers, the storage and regasification of Market Agents LNG, the filling and dispatch of tanker trucks, and also provides methane tanker cooling and filling, in accordance with specific legislation (Implementing Order No. 201/2013 of 6th June 2013). The TGNL has port facilities for the reception and unloading of methane tankers, three LNG storage tanks, LNG processing facilities and natural gas dispatch to the gas pipeline which connects the Sines LNG Terminal to the natural gas transmission network.

The TGNL operates on a totally free regime of third party access (TPA).

The TGNL was inaugurated in 2003 with 2 tanks each with 120,000 m3 capacity. It was extended in 2012 with the addition of a 3rd tank of 150,000 m3 capacity. Regasification capacity was also increased and a 3rd tanker truck filling bay was built.

The TGNL is operated by REN Atlântico, S.A., as LNG Terminal Operator, under a public service concession regime.