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EIC Codes - Frequently Asked Questions



New CodesA market participant already possesses an international EIC code allocated by its national LIO. If this market participant wants to participate in another market area should it apply for a new EIC code?No, a unique and single International EIC code is enough to participate within the Energy Internal European Market.
New CodesWhere should a new participant to the market apply for an EIC code?A new participant should apply for an EIC code in the nearest LIO available. If the scope of company’s operations is limited to one area only, they should apply for a local code. In any other case they should apply for an International EIC code. They may also apply to the EFET LIO for traders or EASEE-Gas/Edig@s LIO for the gas sector.
Codes Management & How to Use Can a single market participant have different EIC codes for different roles?No, the EIC code is to be used to identify a company whatever is the role (there is a different attribute to handle the role in the XML document).
Codes Management & How to Use A market participant company operates in both the electricity and gas markets, how many EIC codes should it have?There shall be only one EIC code per party regardless of whether it participates in one or both energy markets.
Codes Management & How to Use A market participant company has operations in many countries. How should those operations be addressed via the EIC coding scheme?Object type “V” identifies a specific organizational unit or IT system within a company. Thus a company identified with a unique “X” type code, may have multiple “V” type codes.
Codes Management & How to Use If a market participant alters the name of the company should the EIC code change? No, the EIC code should not change, though the Display Name and the EIC name of the company will change.