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Market Agents
EIC Codes
Code Structure
Code List - LIO REN

EIC Codes Management


EIC codes are supplied and administered either by Local Issuing Offices (LIOs) or by the Central Issuing Office (CIO).

The Central Issuing Office supplies and administers EIC codes for Local Issuing Offices, Areas and System Operators. It also maintains the Central EIC repository (EIC codes used within the Internal European Market) and ensures that no duplicate entries exist.

A Local Issuing Office is authorized by ENTSO-E to supply and administer EIC codes to any recognized energy organization within either the Energy Internal European Market or a local/county market. It respects a number of well defined rules to ensure homogeneous code allocation and maintains a list of locally issued EIC codes.

Allocation of an EIC code to a market participant

The allocation process can be broken down into three main stages:

  • Submission by the market participant: A party applies to the LIO for a Local or International EIC code.
  • Validation and allocation: The LIO validates the credentials of the market participant and allocates the code.
  • Verification and Integration: The LIO publishes the allocated EIC code on its LIO web page. In case of an International EIC code, the CIO verifies and integrates the EIC code into the Central Repository.
Note: The same process steps are followed in the case of modification or deactivation of an EIC code.

Status of EIC codes

The status of an EIC code can be either activate or inactive.
  • Active: The code is active and can be used in EDI documents.
  • Inactive: The code is no longer being used in the Energy Internal European Market and is only visible to LIOs.