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Overall Technical System Management

In accordance with Decree-Law No. 230/2012 of 26th October 2012, the Overall Technical Management of the National Natural Gas System (SNGN) consists of the systemic coordination of the SNGN infrastructures so as to ensure their full and balanced operation and the safe and continuous supply of natural gas, pursuant to complementary legislation. This activity is the responsibility of the operator of the National Natural Gas Transmission Network (RNTGN) and is carried out in an independent, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

The procedures for the operation of the integrated system and respective infrastructures are set out in the Overall Technical Management Procedures Manual (MPGTG) issued by the Energy Services Regulator (ERSE). It is the Transmission Network Operator's responsibility to define the following aspects, among others:

  • The operating criteria of the National Transmission Network, Storage Infrastructures and LNG Terminals (RNTIAT) for the gasday.
  • The procedures to be followed by infrastructure operators in the different programming processes, nomination and renomination procedures, in the planning of capacity usage available at the interface of their infrastructure with the National Natural Gas Transmission Network (RNTGN), in accordance with the programming or nominations sent by Market Agents.
  • The procedures to be followed by Market Agents to inform the abovementioned operators and the Transmission Network Operator, in its Overall Technical Management role (GTG), of the required usage in each infrastructure of the RNTIAT.
  • The criteria for constituting operational reserves and the mechanisms for their use.
  • Action Plans in the scope of operation in contingency situations.
  • The methodology for drawing up the RNTIAT Annual Maintenance Plan and the RNTIAT Outages Plan.
  • The rules on the operation of the secondary market for capacity usage rights.
  • Methods and procedures for calculating the value of guarantees to be provided by Market Agents.
  • The information to be made public by the GTG with regard to facts liable to influence the regular functioning of the market or the setting of prices.
  • The incentive mechanism for re-establishing individual balance by Market Agents which are in a situation of individual imbalance.