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SNGN Description

Decree-Law No. 230/2009 of 6th June 2009, which republishes Decree-Law No. 30/2006 of 15th February 2006, sets out the general basis for the organization and functioning of the National Natural Gas System (SNGN), defining it as a series of principles, organizations, agents and infrastructures relating to the activities of transport, underground storage, reception, storage and regasification of LNG and filling of tanker trucks, distribution, free and last-resort sale, change of supplier and overall technical management, which are covered by the same Decree-Law in national territory.

The Map represented here shows the breakdown and location of the physical elements in the SNGN, more specifically the breakdown of the National Natural Gas Transmission Network (RNTGN), Underground Storage (AS) and the LNG Terminal (TGNL), which together make up the National Transmission Network, Storage Infrastructures and LNG Terminals (RNTIAT), as well as the Regional and Local Distribution Network and operators, or RNDGN.

RNTGN Map (click to expand)