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ERP - Load Forecasting Party 


In compliance with the rules and principles laid down in the Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission Networks, Regulation (EU) No 312/2014, and in the Infrastructure Operation Regulation (ROI), the National Regulatory Authority (ERSE) named REN as the Load Forecasting Party (ERP) in the Portuguese Balancing Zone.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, namely the Regulation for the Natural Gas Sector Relations (RRC), the ERP is responsible for:

  • Daily calculation of the load forecasts of non daily metered customers, according to a methodology defined in the regulation (Measurement, Read and Data Disclosure Guide).
  • Annually submit to ERSE for approval, in coordination with distribution system operators (DSOs), the load profiles to be applied to non daily metered customers.
  • At least every 2 years, publish a report on the accuracy of the load forecasts.

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