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AGSI+ Platform

Gas Storage Europe (GSE) - Transparency Platform AGSI+

GSE is one pillar of GIE, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) - the European association of the transmission, storage and LNG terminal operators. GSE represents the interests of storage system operators vis-à-vis the European Commission, the regulators and other stakeholders. It currently gathers 32 Storage System Operators with about 110 storage sites in 16 countries in Europe, representing approximately 85% of EU technical storage capacity.

The mission of GSE is to actively contribute to the construction of a single, competitive gas market in Europe underpinned by a stable and predictable regulatory framework. A sound investment climate and increased transparency are among the main areas of focus for GSE as prerequisites for a fully operational gas market in Europe. As an European platform for experience exchange and improvement, GSE seeks to strengthen cooperation among European storage system operators with a view to facilitating new developments and accelerating progress towards completing the internal gas market.

AGSI+ Aggregated Gas Storage Inventory

All the GSE members, including REN Armazenagem S.A., have agreed on a voluntary basis to publish storage inventory as per member state, storage operator and storage site. The new Transparency Platform AGSI+ Aggregated Gas Storage Inventory will help provide the information the market needs to operate efficiently and effectively whilst protecting commercially sensitive information. AGSI+ delivers online daily data representing approximately 76 BCM, i.e. 85 % of EU technical storage capacity. It publishes for 31 storage operators in 15 member states, volume in stock as well as the daily injection and withdrawal.

The GSE AGSI+ Platform is available at:

For further information please check the GIE website.