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ALSI Platform

Gas LNG Europe (GLE) - Transparency Platform ALSI

GLE (Gas LNG Europe) is one of the three pillars of the European association of infrastructure operators GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe). GLE represents LNG Terminal Operators and voices the interests of its members vis-à-vis the European Union institutions, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders. As a separate pillar of GIE (the umbrella association representing also Transmission and Storage operators, i.e. GTE and GSE), GLE currently gathers 15 European LNG terminal operators from 9 countries, representing about 90% of all the existing LNG regasification capacity in Europe.

Aggregated LNG Storage Inventory (ALSI)

This is a public platform making available aggregated operational data regarding the operation of the EU LNG terminals. ALSI includes daily information at country level covering all the LNG regasification capacity in operation in the EU. GLE Members, including REN Atlântico, S.A., committed on a voluntarily basis to provide daily data of their terminals for the benefit of the markets participants. GLE will continuously improve and extend ALSI.

The ALSI Platform is available at:

For further information please check the GIE website.