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Shipping Atlântico
LNG Terminal 

The LNG Terminal located at Sines is part of a natural harbour, free of silt, with 15 m/ZH, which provides good access to the Atlantic Ocean and is able to receive the latest generation of methane tankers up to 216 000 m3 of LNG.

The LNG Terminal has a huge national strategic importance since it constitutes an alternative to the land pipeline. With a berth for receiving and unloading tankers, the installation is comprised of three storage tanks for liquefied natural gas, with a total storage capacity of 390 217 m3.

Furthermore, the installation is equipped with regasification facilities and is connected to the National Natural Gas Transmission Network (RNTGN). It is also equipped with three bays for filling tanker trucks for supply of autonomous regasification units distributed throughout the country. The capacity of the installation is about 8 000 billion m3(n)/year, corresponding to a nominal capacity of emission of 900 000 m3(n)/h and a maximum capacity of 1 350 000 m3(n)/m.

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