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Market Agents
Market Units
Programming Units
Balance Areas
Physical Units - Ordinary Reg.
Physical Units - Special Reg.
Generation Units
EIC Codes
Code Structure
Code List - LIO REN
Market Structure 

In order to operate in the different markets, participation is accomplished using various concepts listed below:

  • Market Agent:  Entity that trades electrical power in organized markets and/or through bilateral contracts;
  • Programming Unit:  Unit which allows every Market Agent to program acquisitions and/or sales of electrical power in MIBEL (Iberian Electricity Market), Portuguese control area;
  • Physical Unit:  Ordinary Regime or Special Regime Power Production Facilities. A power production facility is understood to be a group of a thermoelectric power plant or a set of groups of a hydro-electrical facility;
  • Balance Area:  Set of Physical Units connected to the same network area and belonging to the same Market Agent, for which the programming imbalances in production or pumped consumption are aggregated;
  • Generation Unit:  In the case of thermoelectric power plants, a Generation Unit consists of a boiler, turbine, generator and transformer. In the case of hydro-electrical facilities, a Generation Unit consists of a hydraulic circuit, turbine, generator and transformer.