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Market Information 


As part of its duties as concession holder for the National Electricity Transmission Network, REN is responsible for the Overall Management of the System which includes:

  • The systemic coordination of infrastructures which make up the National Electricity System so as to ensure its full and balanced operation and the security and continuity of supply of electrical power;
  • The management of Ancillary Services through the operationalization of an Ancillary Services Market and the contracting of Ancillary Services following prior approval by ERSE (NRA);
  • Management of the power guarantee mechanism in accordance with current legislation;
  • Settlement for transactions made within the scope of this activity, including imbalances settlement;
  • The reception of information from Market Agents which are members of organized markets or which are contracting parties in bilateral contracts, on facts liable to influence the regular operation of the market or the setting of prices in accordance with Commercial Relation Regulations for the Electricity Sector.

As Ancillary Services Market Operator, REN carries out the contracting and respective settlement so as to ensure balance between the production and demand of electricity, through efficient, transparent and competitive mechanisms.

The aim of this platform, Sistema de Informação de Mercados, is to publish information which is relevant to the market, particularly information on the Ancillary Services Market, more specifically:

  • Legislation and other regulatory information which governs the market;
  • Characterization of the market and agents;
  • Market Results;
  • Operational Information.