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Total Load Forecast
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Load Profiles

Load Profiles


The Regulation on Commercial Relations for the Electricity Sector establishes the application of load profiles to all end clients that do not have metering equipment for recording consumption in periods of 15 minutes. The calculation and the publication of the demand profiles are the responsibility of the Transmission System Operator.

The methodologies for applying the profiles may be consulted in the document: Guia de Medição, Leitura e Disponibilização de Dados.


YearMonthStatusPublication Date
20208Provisório 2020-09-07Perfis de Consumo 2020-08
20207Definitivo 2020-09-07Perfis de Consumo 2020-07
20206Definitivo 2020-08-05Perfis de Consumo 2020-06
20205Definitivo 2020-07-06Perfis de Consumo 2020-05
20204Definitivo 2020-06-05Perfis de Consumo 2020-04
20203Definitivo 2020-05-05Perfis de Consumo 2020-03
20202Definitivo 2020-04-06Perfis de Consumo 2020-02
20201Definitivo 2020-03-05Perfis de Consumo 2020-01