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Countertrading Operations



Countertrading Operations(ACBs) are set out in the Procedures Manual for the Portugal-Spain Interconnection Joint Management Mechanism.

ACBs are implemented when the value of the available interconnection capacity, in compliance with security criteria, is lower, in one of the directions, than the overall electrical power exchange programme resulting from the anticipated programming.

When implementing ACBs, electrical systems operators establish a new coordinated electrical power exchange programme at the interconnection, in the opposite direction to that initially programmed, in order to ensure that the overall value of the programme is not greater than the value of the available capacity.

Information on ACBs:

  • Direction - The direction of the ACB is opposite to that of the initial programme: Import - Portuguese system exporter; Export - Portuguese system importer.
  • MWh - Energy corresponding to ACB programme.
  • Energy Compensation - Compensation by the exporter system to the importer system for the energy not exported, evaluated at the price of the exporter area.
  • Congestion Rent - Value referring to non-exported energy/power, returned by the exporter system to the importer system.
  • Regulation Charge - Charge (+)/Income (-) which results from the use of the Portuguese system balancing mechanisms in reply to the change in the interconnection programme.