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IESOE Transparency Platform
ENTSO-E Transparency Platform
ENTSO-E Transparency Platform 

What is the new European Platform for Transparency?

In compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 543/2013, the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform represents an important step in the overall goal of creating a single European Electricity Market, which has been progressively developed.

The platform aims to ensure equal and free of charge access to fundamental market information to all market participants and other stakeholders. Transparency and free access to information are key elements to ensure the competitiveness, efficiency and integrity of the market, facilitating the decision making of market participants and their monitoring avoiding situations of market abuse.

What information is available?

The platform offers a wide range of information, continuously uploaded since January 5, on wholesale markets, consumption, generation, transmission systems, balancing, outages and congestion management.

What is the role of REN?

As a member of ENTSO-E, REN has been collaborating since the beginning in the specification and development of the platform and guarantees the delivery and quality of the information on the National Electric System.

How can I access the platform?

You can freely access the Platform at the address: