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Public consultation on the proposal for implementation in MIBEL of the gate opening time of the continuous intraday market at 15:00 CET for the next day 

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has established in its requirements that all European countries and systems must evolve in order to allow that the intraday continuous trading of the 24 periods of the following day (D + 1) starts at 15h00 CET of day D in all European countries.

On the other hand, the European Regulators Agency (ACER), has recently published DECISION No 01/2019, where it defines the methodology for pricing the intraday cross-zonal capacity. This decision establishes that three Pan-European intraday capacity auctions must be implemented, according to the following schedule: 15h00 CET and 22h00 CET on D-day, and 10h00 CET on D+1 day. Currently in the MIBEL, the Gate Opening Time (GOT) of the continuous intraday market for the next day (D + 1) takes place at 22h00 CET on D-day, coinciding with the completion of the second intraday regional auction.

The modification of the GOT from the current 22h00 CET to 15h00 CET, requires that both transmission system operators (REN and REE) and the market operator (OMIE) adapt their processes to meet this new requirement, ensuring proper compliance and maintaining the correct functioning of the different processes and systems, as well as a good quality service for the different Market Participants.

In view of the above, the three MIBEL operators present a proposal (two possible alternatives) to public consultation in order to address the change in the GOT of the continuous intraday market at 15h00 CET.

Comments on this proposal can be sent by 21 March 2019 to the email address:

You can access the proposals at: EN version. PT version; ES version;

Thank you for your participation!