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Public consultation on the proposal for the operation of the Intraday market in MIBEL 

Pursuant to Article nº63, Complementary Regional Auctions, of EU Regulation No 2015/1222 establishing the guidelines for capacity allocation and congestion management, if Regions consider it advantageous, the intraday market may be complemented by regional intraday auctions.

In this context, the Iberian Market Operator (OMIE) and the Iberian system operators, REE and REN, propose a hybrid operating model for the MIBEL intraday market, based on the combination of existing Iberian intraday auctioning process with the continuous intraday market of the XBID Project.

Comments on this proposal can be sent by 13 March to the email address:

For further information, please check OMIE website .

You can also access the proposal here.