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ENTSO-E announces the launch of its new European Transparency Platform 

In compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 543/2013, ENTSO-E announced the launch of its new European Transparency Platform

The ENTSO-E Transparency Platform plays a key role in the overall objective of creating a single European Electricity Market, which has been progressively developed. Transparency and the free access to information are essential to ensuring the competitiveness, efficiency and integrity of the market, facilitating decision-making of market participants and their monitoring avoiding situations of market abuse.

With the participation of all European TSOs, the platform is freely available and includes a wide range of market information continuously uploaded since January 5, namely: Consumption, Generation, Transmission, Balancing, Outages and Congestion Management.

You can freely access the Platform at the address:

Please check the official press release statement here.

For more information you can also see ENTSO-E website.