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National Transmission Network (RNT) Access 

For the purposes of access to the National Transmission Network (RNT), producers under the Special Regime Production (PRE) and the Ordinary Regime (PRO) must request the RNT operator, REN, S.A., to provide information on the existence of take up capacity and conditions for connection to the network. Using the public document Characterization of the RNT for purposes of Network Access as a reference, REN, S.A. issues its opinion, which will be an integral part of the request for a Production License to be made by the producer to the Directorate-General of Energy and Geology (DGEG), as set out in Decree-Law No. 172/2006 of 23 August, with additional legislation in Decree-Law No. 215-B of 8 October.

In what concerns producers covered by the Guaranteed Remuneration Special Regime, granting of the Production License is dependent on the prior obtention of a reception point for power injection and take up capacity reservation purposes. The conditions and criteria for granting of power injection capacity reservation are set out in Ministerial Order No. 243/2013 of 2 August. It is the responsibility of DGEG to request indications from the RNT Operator on the technical conditions for network access in order to make a decision on the reception point request.

In accordance with the Commercial Relations Regulations (RRC), expenses incurred with network connections are the responsibility of the producers. However, the conditions for the construction of elements for connection of the production facilities to the network are established through an agreement between the parties.

For connections to installations using VHT, the network operator is required to create access conditions. The respective expenses are the responsibility of the applicant. The construction conditions shall be agreed between the applicant and the network operator.

Due to reasons relating to network quality of service, reliability and safety, RNT users (VHT producers and clients) are required to comply with the provisions of the Transmission Network Regulations (RRT) and the Quality of Service Regulation (RQS). As such, they must request information from the RNT operator on the technical requirements to be complied with at electrical installations.

Information and Clarifications
All requests for information and clarifications on access to the National Transmission Network (RNT) from VHT producers or clients may be sent to