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Service Access
Technical Specifications
Annual Report

Access to the Interruptibility Service


In accordance with Article 10 of Ministerial Order n.º 592/2010, provision of the interruptibility service requires a request to be sent by the interested party to REN before 15 September every year, to establish an Interruptibility Service Access Agreement, with start date on the following 1 November. The request must include information which clearly demonstrates compliance with established requirements:

  • The consumer is required to provide full information during the access process.

  • Request file - File with contract information.

After analysing all the documentation received, REN verifies if the consumer meets the requirements to provide the interruptibility service. Should the process be approved, an access contract/agreement is sent for signing.

For the suitable application and execution of the interruptibility service, the interruptibility service provider must also make available all the information required in this document .

Requests should be sent to .