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EEGO System
Certification - Renewables 

The Guarantees of Origin Issuing Body (EEGO) is responsible for issuing guarantees of origin for the production of electricity and heating and cooling power produced from renewable energy sources.

Pursuant to Decree-Law 141/2010 of 31 December, in its current wording, the following are the responsibility of the EEGO:

  • Implementing and managing the system used to issue guarantees of origin, including the electronic logging, issuing, transmission and cancellation of the respective proof;
  • Conducting audits, either on its own behalf or through external auditors, and monitoring the facilities and equipment used for production from renewable energy sources, as well as the power-measuring equipment that enables and ensures the correct qualification of the facilities and the guarantee or certification of origin of the electricity and heating and cooling power produced;
  • Making relevant and non-confidential information regarding the issuing of guarantees and certificates of origin available for public consultation;
  • Carrying out other actions and procedures necessary to perform its functions.
The EEGO is subject to inspection by the Entidade Nacional para o Setor Energético, E.P.E. (ENSE), which publishes an annual report summarising its actions on its website.

Any requests for information or clarification about the certification of power produced from renewable sources may be sent to