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Pursuant to Decree-Law 141/2010 of 31 December, in its current wording, the EEGO is responsible for conducting audits and monitoring the facilities and equipment used for production from renewable energy sources, as well as the power-measuring equipment that enables and ensures the correct qualification of the facilities and the guarantee or certification of origin of the electricity and heating and cooling power produced. Audits are understood to be the set of checks and trials carried out pursuant to the legislation and regulations in force, and which are intended to confirm that the facility meets, or is still meeting, the applicable regulatory requirements so that the power production can be certified by guarantees of origin. The audits are conducted in accordance with the provisions set out in the EEGO's Procedures Manual.

The audits are conducted either by the EEGO itself or by properly qualified auditors whose qualification to carry out the activity of providing auditing services for facilities producing electricity through cogeneration or from renewable energy sources is governed by the requirements set out in Law 75/2015 of 28 July. The selection process used to assign an auditor to a particular audit is based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria.