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Highly Efficient Regime (GOs)
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EEGO System
Certification - Cogeneration 

The Guarantees of Origin Issuing Body (EEGO) is responsible for issuing certificates and guarantees of origin for the electricity produced at cogeneration facilities operating under an efficient or highly efficient regime.

Pursuant to Decree-Law 23/2010 of 25 March, in its current wording, the EEGO is responsible for developing and managing the system of issuing guarantees (EEGO's System), including the electronic logging, issuing, transmission and cancellation of the respective proof. The EEGO is also responsible for conducting audits and for monitoring the facilities and the production and measuring equipment that ensure the correct qualification of the facilities and the certification of origin of the power produced.

The EEGO is subject to inspection by the Entidade Nacional para o Setor Energético, E.P.E. (National Entity for the Energy Sector), which publishes an annual report summarising its actions on its website.

Any requests for information or clarification about the certification of electricity produced by means of cogeneration may be sent to